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About the LCA

The UK Lawn Care Association (UKLCA) was created to support and develop a group of professional Independent Lawn Care Companies throughout the UK.

The association invests in training events, health and safety and best practice initiatives so as an independent business you can be confident that you have an affordable opportunity to invest in your business and staff ensuring you stay ahead of the latest knowledge and practices with the collective support of the UK’s top lawn care groups.

"Our community is uncomplicated, it’s not for profit, adds value and is run by professionals for professionals to build our segment within the industry. "

Members at the UKLCA Meeting 2019

Reasons to join the UKLCA

There are many reasons for joining the UKLCA, our members tell us the biggest benefit is networking with like-minded independent business.

You may be a start up or an established multi van business, we are confident that the Association will add value to your business, how because our members tell us.

Don’t take our word for it, this is what our members say… 

Our objectives are simple:

  • Support and help professional independent lawn care companies throughout the UK. 
  • Invest in SEO to promote members to home owners looking for an independent service provider.
  • Operate the association as a not for profit organisation.


Typical support and events include

  • Annual Conference (video)
  • Webinar & Regional Events
  • Experience days
  • Summer Festival
  • BASIS Lawn Assured preferential rates & turn key systems
  • Health and Safety
  • On line networking groups

Member support

The UKLCA is for independently run lawn care specialists.

We have created a friendly community in which independent lawn care providers can share knowledge and experiences.

We supply members with vital information, practical advice and great ideas to help members grow and prosper.

More about the UKLCA

The Association is supported by Industry leading manufacturers as sponsors, they recognise the importance of the UKLCA and its objectives.

Sponsors provide their support and expertise to collectively help you develop your individual businesses with the best and latest advice.

Displaying your UKLCA ‘Member’ logo is a valuable marketing tool, combined with preferential rates and support for BASIS Lawn Assured, together it communicates to your customers you take pride to offer higher standards.

We are a founder member of the Amenity Forum Lawn Care Group and our Amenity Forum membership enables you to promote your buisness as The Amenity Standard approved. This is a UK standard designed to reassure the public of the safety and effectiveness of methods used for weed, pest and disease management.

Your buisness will be listed on our established website helping consumers find you. The association invests in SEO to support our members which in turn helps grow their business.

Could being part of the UK Lawncare Association help grow your business, then why not become a member.

Invest in your business and become a member
Join online today for just £30 per month.

Remember, as not for profit organisation, the funds you put into the UKLCA directly benefit the association and your business.

Become a Sponsor
Contact the Association Secretary for a sponsor information pack.

Need more information?
Contact the Association Secretary on 01480 504196 or

We are not for profit

As a not for profit organisation, the association is managed by an elected committee.  They are all volunteers and like you run their own independent lawncare operations. They give their time and experience for the benefit of our members.

The funds you put into the UKLCA are invested to benefit your business.

UKLCA History

Established in January 2016,  the association was created from the UK Lawn Care Network which was established in January 2005.  The UK lawn network was created for the independent lawn care sector, the purpose was to help each other, generating leads and sharing experiences and advice.

The network grew steadily over the next few years, but in 2016, the members felt that additional resource was required to build and promote the network, consensus was the task ahead was too much for one person with limited resource.

The UK Lawn Care Association was formed in 2016.  The committee was co-opted from lawn business around the country and committee members voluntarily provide their time, knowledge and enthusiasm for the good of the industry, Association and its members.

In 2018 membership elected UKLCN founder Richard Salmon as Honorary President.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an established successful business or just starting out, if you are an independent lawncare business and operate within UKLCA code of conduct you are welcome to join us. 

Click to read the constitution and code of conduct.

A Collective Voice

A need for the Association has never been greater; as individuals we are powerless but as a group we can be recognised.

Brexit, Covid-19 pandemic, a changing financial climate, increasing restrictions on the professional products are all challenges for the lawn care sector.

The UKLCA is the community to exchange ideas and experiences to help you grow you and your business, this is complemented by a proactive working relationship and membership of the  Amenity Forum

Amenity Forum Logo

One of the most impressive things about this community is its willingness to share its expertise so both new joiners and mature firms can access a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Important industry information

The UKLCA is  committed to supporting our members and helping to grow the lawncare industry safely.  If you are involved in lawncare these article will be of interest to you and shared business challenges.
Review of the National Action Plan and its Relevance to Lawn Care

August 2020
Professor John Moverley, OBE

BASIS Lawn Assured : why get involved
December 2020 – Tom Arnold, Vice Chair.

It is important that if you are not already involved in Lawn Assured that you consider this an option  – why is it so important?  Have a read of the information from Tom Arnold, Vice Chair – click HERE

BASIS Lawn AssuredThe UKLCA offers favourable membership rates and a complimentary turn key package to make getting involved as simple as possible. Find out more about BASIS Lawn Assured here.

We proactively work as a Collective Voice with industry because as individuals we are powerless but as a group we can be recognised.

Online Presence

This domain was established in 2005 and is designed to achieve two objectives.

  1. The consumer section is customer facing with a search and information facility for homeowners to find members in their area, and
  2. the members section to promote the UKLCA to potential members.

Data Protection Act 2018

The UKLCA will store your basic contact details in order to fulfil Membership communication commitments as part of the services offered according to your monthly subscription.  Your company details are stored within the ‘Directory’ for marketing purposes so that inquiring customers can quickly make contact with yourselves if they wish to do so.

We may occasionally send your company details to Sponsors so that they may proactively contact you with corporate product information.  Please read carefully, and query if necessary,


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