The UK Lawn Care Association (LCA) was created to support and develop a group of professional Independent Lawn Care Companies throughout the UK.

The key benefits are new enquiries and ‘professional networking’ through attendance at our Annual Conference and/or our Regional Events; frequent newsletters are designed to keep you informed.  The LCA is a not for profit organisation.

“Our community is uncomplicated, it’s not for profit, adds value and is run by professionals for professionals to build our segment within the industry. We are the association that has taken a Government initiative for professional use of pesticides and extended it to our Members”

Members at the UKLCA Meeting 2019
 Born from the UK Lawn Care Network and established in January 2017, we have a formal structure with a Committee who collectively have 96 years of experience of treating lawns, is regulated through a constitution and a code of conduct which includes accreditation designed to ensure members and customers alike are protected.  We are a not for profit association.
It doesn’t matter whether you are an established and successful business, or you are just starting out, as long as you are an independent and operate within LCA  standards of accreditation you are welcome to join us.  Please click to read the constitution and code of conduct.

Data Protection Act 2018
The UK LCA will store your basic contact details in order to fulfil Membership communication commitments as part of the services offered according to your monthly subscription.  Your company details are stored within the ‘Directory’ for marketing purposes so that inquiring customers can quickly make contact with yourselves if they wish to do so. We may occasionally send your company details to Sponsors so that they may proactively contact you with corporate product information.  Please read carefully, and query if necessary, the UK LCA Privacy Policy which is stored within the footnotes at the bottom of pages; to link directly PRIVACY POLICY


The UK LCA supports independently run lawn care specialists who make enormous contributions to lawn care excellence and innovation in the UK. We supply our members with vital information, practical advice and great ideas to help them grow and prosper.  And we provide a friendly community in which independent lawn care providers can share knowledge and experiences.
In summary, we, and our Sponsors, give members the support they need to keep their businesses growing.

Online Presence

This domain was established in 2005 and is designed to achieve 2 objectives. The front end is customer-facing with a search facility for enquiring customers to find members in their area, and the back end will promote the LCA to potential members and is the portal for the member’s area.

A Collective Voice

A need for the Association has never been greater; as individuals we are powerless but as a group, we can be recognised. Considering Brexit, a changing financial climate, greater restrictions on the products that are available and independent lawn carers facing ever stiffer competition from franchise operations, we must be imaginative and agile to grow and prosper. The LCA is the forum to exchange ideas and resources which is why we have a close relationship through membership with the Amenity Forum

Amenity Forum Logo

One of the most impressive things about this community is its willingness to share its expertise so both new joiners and mature firms can access a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Ten reasons why you should join the UKLCA

  • 1. We are stronger together (and a friendly bunch too!). Whether just starting up, a one-man-band, multi-van operation or a seasoned business, the membership and sponsors have considerable lawn care experience and knowledge to help grow and support your business. Join a community of like-minded professionals and network with our members in person at our events and through our closed Facebook FORUM.
  • 2. Our 2-day Annual Conference. The one of its kind in the UK, with a focus on growing lawn care businesses and helping to improve public awareness of domestic lawn care. We cover a wide range of topics to help your business, for example; marketing, customer service improving cash flow, soil science to the latest industry challenges and developments. Our sponsors have a dedicated area with machinery, equipment and product information – like a mini Saltex without the crowds!
  • 3. UK regional one-day events covering turf science, lawn care products/pesticides, machinery demos/tech days. These events will provide excellent networking opportunities and a source of cost-effective training for you and your team.
  • 4. Professional workshops covering health & safety, risk assessments and first aid, tailored to the needs of a lawn care business.
  • 5. Industry-leading sponsors who recognise the importance of the UKLCA’s mission, providing their support and expertise to collectively help us improve the lawn care industry and develop our individual businesses. See our sponsors.
  • 6. Financial savings with member-only offers and discounts on lawn care machinery, products, services and training, you are likely already buying. Members have access to a free health and safety helpline too.
  • 7. Business listing on the UKLCA website. We invest in SEO for the UKLCA website, bringing increasing numbers of the public to our website to seek lawn care advice and search for lawn care businesses in your area. This will help your business’ SEO and can provide an extra source of leads.
  • 8. Take the image of your business to a new level and set it apart from competitors. Your membership is a valuable marketing tool, allowing your business to display the UKLCA ‘Member’ logo – a mark of quality within our industry.
  • 9. Lead the way with best practice. Stay updated on essential industry information via our Amenity Forum membership and BASIS for the Lawn Assured accreditation.
  • 10. A not for profit organisation, ran by an elected committee, for the benefit of our members. The funds you put into the UKLCA come back around to directly benefit your business.
  • Become a Member, join online today for just £22 per month to grow you and grow your lawn care business
  • Need more information? Contact the Association Secretary, Kate Hopkins on 01480 504196 or Check out of member testimonials here
  • Membership fees are only £22 per month – join online or call Kate on 01480 504196
  • Memberships fees are payable monthly by Direct Debit. Conference, Workshops and Regional Events charged separately and all payments are collected by GoCardless.

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