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Watering Tool

You can embed the watering tool on your website using a bit of code called an iframe. The majority of websites allow this type of code to be used, however if you are unsure ask your web designer/developer. 

The figures are pulled from the latest rates provided by national water suppliers. Please note the watering tool will be updated shortly with 2019-2020 rates (you won’t need to make any changes to the tool as it will be automatically updated.


How to embed the watering tool in your website

Copy the code below by highlighting the iframe URL with your mouse/trackpad and right click and copy. Then you can paste this into your website on the page you choose.

<iframe src="" style="border:none;width:400px;height:500px"></iframe>

Customising the form

If you would like to make the tool blend in with your site branding, you can pass a few arguments to the Iframe URL to change the font, text colour and background colour of the frame

You will need a little HTML knowledge for this. If you aren’t sure ask your web designer for assistance.


Add a ? to the end of the iframe url and add the name/value pairs separated by &

  • Font – You can specify a google font family with the following:
    family=Odibee+Sans (Choose fonts here). Please note you will need to use font family in the way it is declared in the google fonts embed code…commonly those with a space user a +. For example if you wanted to use open sans you would use open+sans
  • Text Colour – You can specify a the text colour with the following:
  • H3 Colour – You can specify a the h3 colour with the following:
  • Background Colour – You can specify a the background colour with the following:
  • Price Colour – You can specify a the colour of the cost string that appears (once step 1 and 2 below are complete) with the following:
    you can also customise the color within this string for the amount with : costAmount=FF1100