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Coronavirus #1 240320

Dear Member

We are in uncharted waters right now.  There seem to be many things pulling us in many different directions; morally, financially, our communities and pleasing our customers.

Although the government, it seems, are allowing us to work, not all members are wishing to do so. As a representative organisation we would like to offer our Members some direction. 

Each business will have different circumstances and there are no easy answers here. We advise that you:

  • visit the gov. UK site for information if you have not done so already 
  • Speak to your accountant regarding government financial help
  • speak to your customers, they will tell you if they want you 

It may also be prudent to check with your insurance provider to ensure you will still be operating within their remit, if you choose to continue to work. 

We at the Association are not experts in this matter. The environment is fast moving and complex. Communication is not always clear and more clarity may come with time. 

Overnight, further clarity around the Prime Ministers point about “only travelling to work if it cannot be done at home”, suggests that business’ other than those already mentioned in “measures” can continue if they observe the 2m rule so social distancing remains key to all. It remains unclear if the place of work refers to one or multiple destinations.

The ultimate decision on whether or not to continue to provide lawn care service during these troubled times must lay with the individual operator. 

We will be doing all we can to ensure our members get the right information to make their decisions and support to operate their business.

Wishing you strength during these difficult times.