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5 Golden Rules of Watering Your Garden

As we approach the time of year when your grass will need some extra support with watering, we like to focus on what you can do to ensure your lawn is well covered. Watering is not a complex affair, however, some of the tips and tricks from the experts at UKLCA will aid you in ensuring your lawn is at its best this summer.

Why Is Watering Your Garden Important

Water your garden is vital for lawn health due to number of benefits it brings. Your lawn is living, and just like a human, will need water for it to survive, but also for it to be healthy all year round. In the warmer months as we know, rainfall becomes less frequent. Therefore, we need to support the lawns health and nutrient intake by ensuring it always has appropriate moisture.

Our 5 Golden Rules of Watering Your Garden

Now we have a better understanding to the importance of watering your lawn, we now turn our attention to our tips and tricks. There are many suggestions we can make, however, for ease we have narrowed them down into 5 golden rules. These include:

Maintain Good Soil Moisture

Soil moisture is needed to ensure the roots of your grass have adequate water and nutrient supply. A dry lawn will appear patchy and will be unhealthy.

Water Less Often But Thoroughly

Watering less often but doing it thoroughly allows your lawn to soak in all the nutrients it needs. We will look at the reasons why the root of your grass needs adequate water later. However, watering one to two times per week will be sufficient if done correctly.

Water Late In The Evening Or Early In The Morning

The mistake many will make is that they will begin to water their lawn around lunchtime to mid-afternoon when the days is at its hottest. This is not advised. When the soil is cooled this reduces water evaporation, and allows the roots to take in all the vital nutrients it needs to be healthy,

Ensure The Water Reaches The Roots

Watering your lawn is all focused around ensuring the roots of your grass can get the moisture they need to keep living and be healthy. This means suitable watering needs to take place to ensure the water does in fact reach the roots. Ensure you are using enough water on your lawn, and not just watering the top layer with a light sprinkle

Avoid Waterlogging

In the previous point we mentioned ensuring that the water reaches the root’s, however, avoiding waterlogging is also important. A waterlogged lawn will supress the breathable air able to pass into the roots of the soil, which can cause them to die.

Want To Find Out More? Contact A UKLCA Member

The members of the UKLCA are experienced and dedicated professionals who can provide their expertise on a variety of lawn care treatment methods to ensure your lawn is at its best and healthiest all year round.