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Review of the National Action Plan and its Relevance to Lawn Care

Presenter – Professor John Moverley OBE, Amenity Forum
Date – Thursday 27 August 2020 – 4.00pm
Location – Zoom Webinar

Aside from all the other issues taking time, the UK Government is committed to a review of its National Action Plan, which provides legislation and guidance on all aspects of weed, pest and disease management. Alongside this review, there is also one on pesticide policy linked to new regulations for authorisation of plant protection products following full departure from the European Union. The Amenity Forum is very much involved in these discussions acting as the voice for the amenity sector.

In this webinar, John will provide an update on the review and discuss the key drivers and options for change being considered. It is important that all who work in lawn care understand these key challenges and how change might impact on their businesses. 

Webinar registrations are now open for this not to be missed event