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BASIS Lawn Assured

The Lawn Assured Standard Accreditation

BASIS Lawn Assured is a Government supported initiative to establish a benchmark of good practice in the lawn care industry. It is supported by the UKLCA and other major players in the UK lawncare market. As such it is likely to become the future standard by which lawn care companies are measured”

On February 4th 2020 the Amenity Forum launched the Amenity Standard which will become the ‘red tractor’ equivalent emblem to show those operating to the Standard and displaying its logo will demonstrate their adherence to recognised assured standards in all tasks undertaken.

With the encouraging news that the GreenThumb and Greensleeves Franchises have agreed to support this ‘best practice’ initiative it is hoped that other Franchises will sign up and come in line with Independent Operators.

BASIS launched the Lawn Assured standard in October 2017 after the sector was seen to need a standard similar to that of the established Amenity Assured Standard, where a voluntary approach was required to demonstrate to both the public and regulatory authorities that the industry is taking the responsible use of pesticides seriously via independent verification.

BASIS aims to help companies meet legal, regulatory and best practice standards. Their auditing team are very experienced and highly trained individuals who will advise and assist but the fact that an independent audit has taken place will help to reassure the regulatory bodies and the general public that pesticides are used responsibly and the public, our employees and environment are protected. This meets with the National Action Plan and the requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive with regard to non-agricultural use of professional pesticides.

UK Lawn Care Association Members can join the scheme and become accredited within the ‘organisational membership’ category and make a significant financial saving at the same time.

The self-audit form

Following receipt of a completed application form, the nominated person will receive a self-audit questionnaire from BASIS for completion and return.

The LCA will determine Members firms wishing to participate by sending the application form.

Prices on application to the Secretary.